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Tradition teaches us that the Customer comes first

Franchini SpA Servizi Ecologici was founded with passion for the “earth”, and it has always paid particular attention to Customer care.

Company activities started in the 1930s, when Luigi Franchini carried out mechanical and agricultural jobs for third parties. The “threshing” activity came to an end when the area at the foot of the mountains in the Bergamo area was reallocated to more profitable industrial and residential activities. Nevertheless, that work experience was not wasted. His sons, Giuseppe and Giacomo Franchini, converted the agricultural tractors and cisterns into rudimentary gully suckers, inheriting the spirit and values that their father taught them: attention to the customer, honesty, spirit of sacrifice and dedication to work.

Today, the company has developed different activities in the environmental sector and provides its customers with a wide range of services: special waste disposal, sludge dewatering using mobile equipment, industrial draining, civil draining, environmental reclamation, teleinspections of pipelines, tank cleaning and seal testing.

Franchini uses a technologically advanced fleet of trucks and special equipment able to satisfy all operational needs. Certain technologies and know-how are planned and developed within the company, such as the mobile systems used for sludge dewatering, which are designed directly by our technicians.

The company is highly professional at all levels. The flexibility of its organisational and management structure was designed to successfully manage company dynamics and it is constantly updated.


Franchini SpA operates with an integrated quality, environmental and safety system certified by DNV in accordance with the certifications “UNI EN ISO 9001:2000” of 06/06/2002 and “UNI EN ISO 14001:2004” of 11/09/2008. The company is regularly enrolled in the Register of Environmental Managers, Lombardy Regional Division, under number MI 000498OS, for categories 2, 4, 5, and 9.