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Cleaning of anaerobic digesters

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Cleaning of anaerobic digestersThis service originates from the need to carry out maintenance on compartments of anaerobic digesters of sludge derived from the aerobic purifying sector.

Cleaning of anaerobic digestersSuch need has markedly grown in recent years as more and more operators are increasingly aware of the importance of optimising and streamlining costs . Efficient anaerobic digestion reduces the quantities of sludge disposed of and produces "clean energy", such as bio-gas, which can be used to produce heat and/or electric energy.

Cleaning of anaerobic digestersIt is absolutely crucial to carry out preventive maintenance on the anaerobic digester and the relevant systems in order to keep the digestion process efficient over time.

The operational method developed in recent years has allowed us to achieve:
  • Optimal levels of safety conditions
  • On-site separation of the three sludge components within the digester: sludge, sand and suspended solids. This separation reduces third-party transportation and disposal costs to a minimum
  • Reduction of overall work times with less digester downtime
  • Limited quantities of digested waste resulting from cleaning operations
  • Possibility of a “turnkey” service: we take in the manufactured product in the condition in which it is found and return it in working condition after cleaning

Cleaning of anaerobic digestersThe experience gained during emptying and cleaning operations of anaerobic digesters allows the company to plan and carry out highly complex operations with the highest level of safety for workers.



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