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Industrial drainage and environmental decontamination

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In addition to this, Franchini also provides emergency services in order to deal with specific problems. The fleet of trucks offers technical solutions able to satisfy every need thanks to:
  • Cisterns with capacities between 3 and 25 m3;
  • High-pressure pumps with power up to 200 HP;
  • Vacuum pumps with capacities up to 2,400 Nm3/h;
  • Transfer pumps with capacities up to 180 m3/h;
  • Equipment in compliance with ADR;
  • Deodorisation systems.

Industrial drainage and environmental decontaminationIndustrial drainage and environmental decontaminationThe experience and professionalism gained from the decontamination of polluted sites allows the company to plan and carry out highly complex operations with the highest level of safety and efficiency.

 Download the “industrial drainage” card 389.80 Kb